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About Boxing / Kickboxing Insurance

Boxing Insurance strives to make the insurance process easy and as painless as possible on the hip pocket. This is because we know boxing / combat sports and how clubs / associations / promoters operate so we can match you to the right policy at the right price without any grey areas. We don’t want you assuming that you are covered in a certain area of your business when you are not. Ask the questions and get the facts so you have peace of mind.  We make sure the policy wording covers everything a club owner needs, no grey areas and we help you in the unlikely event you have to make a claim and that’s priceless.

  • Peace of mind - the most trusted provider.
  • Experience - they know all the styles (43 years) and all the insurances (17 years)
  • Largest industry group scheme - means the best prices for instructors
  • Risk management support - waivers, student screening forms plus other business documents FREE
  • When you need to make a claim - you can speak to an expert who guide you through the process, and
  • Value added services - business tools, free advertising, training  courses, video production and more

Types of Insurance available through our network: Public Liability, Professional indemnity, Management Liability, Player Accident / Personal Accident, Income Protection, Business Insurance, Life, Total Permanent Disability -


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Boxing Insurance is a dedicated division of Martial Arts Australia for insurance brokering. It specialises in the insurance for martial arts clubs, schools, assocaiations and promoters, offering the most suited insurance deal to you.
Martial Arts Australia
is a long serving (25 years) association that not only looks after the industry's professionalism, codes of conduct, qualifications, marketing and it's perception to government, the corporate sector and the public.


Membership to Martial Arts Australia has always been a first choice for instructors / school owners especially if they are starting out or want to grow their club as a business. We highly recomend you investigate the benefits of membership and join the thousands of club owners that have.


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